A couple of days ago we exclusively revealed that Bq is to demo the world’s first Ubuntu Tablet with convergence next month at Mobile World Congress 2016.

Some people — or should that read ‘some sites’?— didn’t want to take our word for it.

And hey, that’s fine.

It’s not like we have form in this area, right? (That’s sarcasm: we were the first to reveal the release date and manufacturer of the first Ubuntu Phone, the only site to insist that Meizu was priming its MX4 with Ubuntu Touch as the second, not a higher-spec’d model, and so on …and on.).

Well, said sites will be mightly relieved today. They don’t have to take our word for it anymore because…

Bq Confirms Ubuntu Tablet With Convergence

ubuntu convergence

Yup, that’s right: Bq has confirmed it’s working on an Ubuntu Tablet.

‘Bq has confirmed what we told you last week: it’s working on an Ubuntu Tablet’

As reported by the (excellent) Spanish-language technology website XatakaBq confirm that an Ubuntu Tablet will be demoed next month at Mobile World Congress 2016, and that the device will feature convergence.

That’s just about the sum total of info the tech company teases in their press gambit — but we can tell you an incy bit more.

Bq Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition is the model being readied behind the scenes. It’s a powerful 10-inch tablet with 64-bit ARM CPU, 2GB RAM and a high-resolution screen.

It will work not only as a little (or not so little, given the size) Ubuntu tablet. but can ‘converge’ into a desktop PC when a keyboard, mouse or external monitor is attached.

Recent developments in Unity 8 and its Mir display server will allow the tablet to run traditional desktop software like The GIMP and LibreOffice, as well as apps designed specifically for the Ubuntu Phone.

Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition – On Sale in March

With a demo date now firmly set for February you’re likely itching to know when you you’ll be able to buy it.

‘The world’s first Ubuntu Tablet will be released in March’
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And on that note you might be slightly disappointed — but emphasis falls solely on slightly as Xataka say Bq is targeting a March or April release date for the world’s first official Ubuntu tablet.

Further details on price, full specs and all sorts of other official niceties are all certain to dribble out from the MWC spout over the coming weeks.

Will you be buying one?

H/t: Marcos Costales

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