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RawTherapee – small and powerful RAW image processing app

Easily and quickly edit RAW images with RawTherapee - a free multi-platform RAW converter and digital photo processing application. Developed around the premise that a most users’ only need to 'adjust the white balance or brightness of a photo', RawTherapee isn’t loaded with filters, fancy frames or specific editing tools, instead focusing on providing the tools most users actually need.

7 October 2010
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Live DJ Software Mixxx hits 1.8.0

Free and open-source Live DJ software Mixxx, which is developed by a community of DJ’s, has today released a new and improved version.

6 October 2010
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Five Facebook Apps for the Linux Desktop

Today our compendium of computing curiosities (commonly called ‘OMG! 5!’) sees us poke around in the software drawers of everyone’s favourite social network Facebook. Below you’ll find five Facebook-only notification applications for use on the Ubuntu […]

5 October 2010
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FrostWire 4.21 series begins, adds auto-updating for Ubuntu

The free p2p application FrostWire has launched the first release in its new 4.21.x series this week. The release is marked by two notable upgrades - Automatic Updates (via Bit Torrent) and the latest Vuze Core powering its torrent engine, claiming to result in even faster Bit Torrent downloads.

29 September 2010
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Beautiful Fractal Wallpaper Grabber lets you snatch some beauty for your desktop

Looking for some gorgeously gruff geometry for your desktop background? Fractals are what you seek and the tool mentioned inside helps you to bag a boatload...

27 September 2010
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Hotot: The hottest new Twitter app for Linux

Everyone's talking about Hotot - a new twitter application for Linux that marries the useful and the unique into one slick package.

24 September 2010
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Ninite for Linux beta released, installs apps for you – though can it be trusted?

Reader Heiner Valverde dropped us a handy hint today in the OMG! inbox: Ninite, a website that provides an easy way to install multiple applications after a fresh install, has released a beta version for Linux users. But, it's not all fresh roses - I delved deeper into the mystery that is Ninite, surely something as good as this can't be true?

23 September 2010
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Bricscad comes to Linux: CAD comes of age

Further to DraftSight’s announcement of an imminent Linux port, CAD software developer Bricsys has announced a native Linux release of their commercial CAD software Briscad. Software, it seems, is like buses: you wait ages for […]

21 September 2010
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Ubuntu Application Review Process announced, restrictive rules galore

Jono Bacon announced today the Ubuntu Application Review Process, which is designed to get new and fresh applications into Ubuntu after it's released. Unfortunately, like all things Ubuntu, it's harder than it should be with plenty of restrictive rules, bureaucratic nonsense and complicated set up procedures.

21 September 2010
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Logitech G15 tool for Ubuntu feeds Rhythmbox, CPU & more to your keyboard LCD

Owner of the very sick Logitech G15 gaming keyboard? Want to add some neat stats to the LCD? Look in...

20 September 2010
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Steadyflow dowload manager 0.1 released

The first formal release of new minimal download manager Steadyflow is now available for users to download. Version 0.1 of the GTK+ applications sees support for: – Pausing, resuming, and restarting downloads Search/filter box Optional […]

17 September 2010
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Ardesia turns your entire desktop into a touch-friendly sketchpad

Ever wanted to use your desktop as a sketchpad? And by 'use your desktop' I do mean quite literally! A reader by the name of 'Marko' dropped off a tip about the following self-described 'free painting software' that allows you to use your fingers, mouse or graphics tablet to make free-hand annotations on your desktop - no need to stay within the rigid confines of an application window or canvas any longer! Treat your desktop like a chalkboard! This is Ardesia.

16 September 2010