The free p2p application FrostWire has launched the first release in its new 4.21.x series this week.

The release is marked by two notable upgrades – Automatic Updates (via Bit Torrent) and the latest Vuze Core powering its torrent engine, claiming to result in even faster Bit Torrent downloads.

Other features present: –

  • New auto-update support for Windows and Ubuntu.
  • Upgrading Vuze Core (bit torrent engine) to version
  • New setting pane to allow user to turn off FrostClick promotions.
  • Fixes issue with Application Icon. New high resolution icon now in place


The 4.21.x family of releases may finally bring other benefits long promised to users such as a plugin framework to allow other forms of p2p usage such as democratic distributed computing, social networking, gaming, and more.

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