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Furious iPod video converter makes transcoding videos in Ubuntu easy

Furious iConverter is, as the name might suggest, a video conversion tool for use with iPod, iPod Touch & iPhone. The simple GTK interface provides users with a convenient front-end for converting any FFMpeg-supported video format into iPod/iPhone friendly MP4. […]

8 August 2010
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Meet Alawalk – possibly the lightest launcher ever!

Popular launcher applications Do and Kupfer may have some competition – say hello to the incredibly lightweight Alawalk. Alawalk, the brainchild of a developer named ‘hunterm‘, is a new launcher application made completely in plain bash. […]

7 August 2010
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Vuze 4.5 released – adds new speed test, android support

The Vuze team have released version 4.5 of the popular BitTorrent client. This latest release provides users with a new speed test, support for transcoding and transferring content to Android phones and iOS 4. The new […]

6 August 2010
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Xpad – simple Sticky notes for your desktop

For efficient task management Ubuntu users are spoilt. Tomboy, GTG!, Tasque, Tasks and a slew of others besides; they’re all packed with awesome features that help you get what needs to be done, done! Now supposedly […]

6 August 2010
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Marave – Distraction free writing in Linux

The never-ceasing distractions of tweets, pokes on Facebook, Gmail spam  & matches to review are all enemies of writing. Was there ever an activity assailed by the vampires of impetuosity as much as writing? Marave aims to […]

4 August 2010
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Open source dropbox alternative SparkleShare releases first alpha

The first alpha release of open-source Dropbox competitor SparkleShare has been made available for testing today. SparkleShare is built on mono, GTK+ and requires users to use Git for storage. Don’t have a Git repo? […]

3 August 2010

Xnoise is a lightweight desktop media app for Linux

Another week and another media player. Say hello to Xnoise – a self-described ‘lightweight’ music and video player that has been making a lot of noise of late. Written in vala – and therefore more […]

29 July 2010
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Naufrago! RSS reader is basic but competent

Nothing comes close in terms of awe and ease as Google’s very own online RSS reader ‘Google Reader’. Despite this many users still use desktop based solutions. Liferea is perhaps the most well known desktop […]

27 July 2010
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F.Lux ‘Natural Lighting’ for Ubuntu gets an Indicator Applet

We’re all acutely aware that spending long periods of time in front of blazingly bright computer screens isn’t entirely fantastic news for our eyes – or our sleep patterns. Nevertheless we stare away anyway unaware that there […]

26 July 2010
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Histwi – Powerful desktop twitter app

Backing up your tweets, managing your account and searching tweet based on strict criteria direct from the desktop has been made easy with Histwi by OriginalCoding. We’ve featured many, many desktop twitter applications here on […]

21 July 2010
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Orifli – Simple desktop Flickr image uploader

Looking for a simple, lightweight Flickr image uploader? Orifli by Original Coding might be just what you’re looking for. If you’ve never heard of Orifli before now then there’s a simple reason – the Flickr-loving app is […]

20 July 2010
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Pithos: Native Pandora App (US only)

If you’ve never tried Pandora, (and you live in America, as it is US only) you probably should. Type in your favorite artist or band, and then BAM, it starts playing tracks from them, as […]

20 July 2010