Challenging puzzle game ‘Brukkon‘ has become the second item to go on sale in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Costing $7, the premise of Brukkon is to ‘guide a little robot to its spare parts’ over moving platforms.

Sounds simple? Think again! The majority of the ‘moving platforms’ can only shift in one direction, some are stuck behind barricades and, worse, ‘some ground tiles vanish after the robot moved over them once – so be sure to move wise, or the puzzle could become unsolvable!’

Brukkon game play

With over 30 levels and the added incentive to complete games in the lowest number of moves possible $7 is a small price for insanely addictive gameplay.

A demo version of the game sporting 4 playable levels is available in .deb installer form @

The full version of Brokkun is available to purchase in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Thanks to Greg

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