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Get The Most Out of Ubuntu With These Great Apps

You've installed Ubuntu, followed our helpful '10 Things to Do' guide, and now you want some top-notch apps to use on it. Well, read on!

26 April 2013
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Eucalyptus 3.1 Alpha Available for Ubuntu 12.04 [Cloud]

Back in November of last year, after over four enjoyable years at Canonical, I was approached by Eucalyptus and joined their team shortly thereafter. And, as the Debian/Ubuntu Release Engineer for Eucalyptus, I am happy and proud to announce our first Alpha packages for our 3.1 release.

4 May 2012

Trauma was Most Bought Ubuntu App in December

Adventure game 'Trauma' topped the list of Ubuntu's top selling paid apps in December. Last month's top selling Software Centre item - the critically acclaimed puzzle game Braid - drops two places to 3. Read on for the full top 10 paid apps, and top 10 free apps...

8 January 2012
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Ubuntu 11.10 Development Update 11

Ubuntu Development Update The Ubuntu 11.10 release is getting nearer and nearer. It’s time to start organising your local release party! Only five weeks left until release! So what’s still left to do in these […]

8 September 2011
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Download of the Week: Coherence Plugin for Rhythmbox

To mix things up, this episode of Download of the Week will not feature an application or a game, but rather a plugin: rhythmbox-plugin-coherence.

8 August 2011
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Ubuntu Download of the Week: Neverputt

Neverputt is a 3D miniature golf game for 1-4 players. You are in the first-person hot-seat and must control the direction and velocity of the ball in order to be successful. Whether you'd like to just relax and play a little putt-putt in peace, or challenge yourself with a bizarre combination of holes, Neverputt will not disappoint. It ships with seven different courses by default, ranging from easy to insanely difficult.

19 July 2011
Pantheon Calculator by elementary

elementary Devs Show Off Slick-looking Calculator App

elementary developers have shown off a small slick-looking calculator utility perfectly matched to the Pantheon desktop experience.

22 June 2011
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Download of the Week: Family Farm

Family Farm is a new arrival to the Software Center. Unlike the wildly successful Facebook game FarmVille, Family Farm is more of a simulation focusing on not just the advancement of the farm itself, but also the family unit that runs it.

24 May 2011
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Easyshutdown and Complexshutdown: two small apps for one job

Reader folkefiende mailed in asking why we don't write something about 'EasyShutdown'. Having never heard of this particular application before I decided to take a look...

23 May 2011
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Small ‘Timer’ Applet for Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher

Some of the most useful applications are often borne out of a personal need. Such as this 'Tea Time' application created specifically for Ubuntu Unity by rojtberg. With Unity lacking support for 'traditional gnome applets', rojtberg had to find a different application. There are 'indicator timers' available - such as this one - but this wasn't ideal for him.

13 May 2011

‘Udev-notify’ provides Ubuntu notifications when connecting USB peripherals

Whilst the name of this app isn't the most memorable, what it does is. By default Ubuntu provides no feedback whether the connection of a peripheral device - such as a webcam or usb thumbdrive - has succeed or failed. Windows, for example, uses a set of audio notifications to relay such status. udev-notify brings a similar functionality, albeit a visual one using Ubuntu's Notification system, to your desktop.

9 May 2011
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Download of the Week: Hex-a-hop

Hex-a-hop is a simple yet fun little puzzle game where you take a little girl hopping across tiles in efforts to destroy all the green tiles on the board. Brukkon is more involved and provides features such as movable bridges, different weather conditions, and disappearing tiles.

2 May 2011