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AdSense tray application helps keep an eye on your earnings

If you use Google AdSense on any website you maintain or run then the following application may be of interest to you. Called ‘AdSense- Monitor’, the application sits in your tray and displays some simple […]

1 April 2010
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Desktop Uploader ‘Gimgur’

Many OMG! readers use image-hosting service for uploading screenshots to share in our IRC or in the comment sections of posts. Due to popular screenshot tool Shutter lacking Imgur support most users have to […]

28 March 2010
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Integrating Wine Into Ubuntu With Vineyard

Wine gives users the perfect solution to switching OS – they can keep using a secure, free, totally rocking OS and still run some of their favourite Windows applications and games. Of course, Wine isn’t […]

12 March 2010
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Pinta: A GTK Paint.Net clone for Ubuntu

One application many new users of Ubuntu bemoan the lack of when first using Ubuntu is a simple drawing and editing program akin to Microsoft’s Paint. Pinta aims to fulfil that gap by providing a […]

11 March 2010
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MeMaker – Make A Mini You In Ubuntu

MeMaker is an easy to use avatar creation program for Linux. Aside from being fun to play about with, the avatars created can be easily saved, exported to your Launchpad account for use as your […]

3 March 2010
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Yarssr – Panel Applet RSS Reader

Yarssr (Yet Another RSS Reader) is an RSS reader for the GNOME panel.  It displays an icon in the notification area which changes colour to alert you to feed updates. Clicking on the icon give you […]

1 March 2010
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GDM2Setup Lets You Customize Your Karmic Login Screen

One complaint many users had when upgrading to Karmic was the loss of a GDM (login screen) setup tool to easily tweak the appearance of the login screen. Versions prior to Karmic allowed you to […]

24 February 2010
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Jupiter – Awesome Netbook Power/Config Applet

Jupiter is a hardware and power management applet for Linux and perfect for power-saving on netbooks and Laptops. Born from the bones of the popular EeeTray applet, Jupiter sees a shift in focus towards better […]

21 February 2010
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Guayadeque Music Player: Light, Unique, Awesome?

Guayadeque Version: 0.2.5 It may have a name like an exotic fruit but Guayadeque music player is a surprisingly powerful new addition to the Linux music player scene. Light on resources and heavy on features […]

17 February 2010
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Facebook Friend Graph Plots Connections Between Your Social Contacts

Ever wanted to see the connections between your Facebook contacts: Who knows who and via whom? ‘Facebook Friends Graph‘ does just that. “[Facebook Friends Graph] …Creates a graph of user’s Facebook friends highlighting mutual connections […]

15 February 2010
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Buzzbird Twitter Client Is Pretty Much Perfect

Buzzbird is an open-source desktop twitter application available on all major platforms – yes, including Linux! Features The feature-set covers pretty much everything one would want to do on twitter – bar twitpic integration (which […]

30 January 2010
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GNOME-Vlc brings GTK interface, Simplicity to VLC

Gnome-Vlc is a new project designed to provide a simple GTK frontend to the popular Vlc player. Still in its infancy, the project was borne “…out of frustration with other players that failed to tick […]

29 January 2010