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MeMaker – Make A Mini You In Ubuntu

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

MeMaker is an easy to use avatar creation program for Linux.

Aside from being fun to play about with, the avatars created can be easily saved, exported to your Launchpad account for use as your Mugshot or even set as your GNOME user account picture!

The application is supposed to be fun and as such MeMaker provides seven different ‘avatar styles’ to choose from: –

  • freestyle
  • artistic
  • plastidudes
  • glyphface
  • plazmoid
  • cocohead
  • animal-crackers.

These all vary in silliness but the plastidudes are just plain out cute.

Depending on which ‘style’ you can then tweak it to your liking, changing the pigment of the skin, the style of the hair, eye colour, face shape, ears, mouth, beard and eyebrows – even accessorise your mini-me with glasses, hats and jewellery!

Avatars can be saved as .PNG’s, .BMP’s, .SVG’s and .JPG’s.

MeMaker can also set your avatar as your GNOME login picture, or even upload it to your Launchpad account.

Whilst Me Maker is going to top the list of “must install” applications, it’s an enjoyable way to kill a few minutes andspiceup your login picture intheprocess.

You’ll find MeMaker sat on the shelf in the Ubuntu Software Store, just search for ‘memaker

If you install the application but it won’t run try installing: –

  • sudo apt-get install python-numpy