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Yarssr – Panel Applet RSS Reader

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Yarssr (Yet Another RSS Reader) is an RSS reader for the GNOME panel. 

It displays an icon in the notification area which changes colour to alert you to feed updates. Clicking on the icon give you a drop out menu, clicking the title takes you to the post in your default browser.

The application hasn’t seen much in the way of active development for a while, but that’s in part because it works flawlessly at what it does.

Adding a feed

Launch the application and right click on the tray icon, choosing ‘Preferences’.

Click the ‘add’ button and enter the required details. Then it’s simply a case of waiting for updates!

You can also import exported OMPL feed files (e.g. Google Reader) to save time and effort in entering them manually. Note that this is not a direct sync between Google Reader and Yarssr – viewing posts in Google Reader won’t mark them read in Yarssr.


On to the fluffier side now and the current icon for Yarssr is this dated little stud: –

No really. Despite the icon has remaining so very 1999 the application itself is a lightweight, ad-hoc and useful way to consume news feeds.

Anyone have a better icons to share?


You’ll find Yarssr inside the Ubuntu repositories or you can download it @

Thanks to reader Mraz