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Alleviate tired eyes in Ubuntu with Redshift

If you’re anything like me you probably spend far too much time in front of your computer screen(s). We’re all acutely aware that this isn’t entirely fantastic news for our eyes or our sleep patterns but we […]

20 May 2010
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Add Zimbra support to the Ubuntu messaging menu with Zimdicator

Zimdicator is a simple messaging menu indicator for use with the open source Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Created by Mitja Pagon to ‘scratch an itch’ (so to speak) it provides Zimbra users with convenient desktop integration […]

17 May 2010
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minitunes Player makes Your music Collection look good

Minitube developer Flavio Tordini is currently developing another exciting and visually attractive project: a new music player titled ‘Minitunes‘. Now before the smart alecs at the back start groaning about ‘Yet Another Linux Music Player’ […]

5 May 2010
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GMail Notifier puts GMail in your Messaging Menu

Further to our previous post on integrating Thunderbird with the Messaging Menu it struck me that many users – such as myself – don’t use a desktop e-mail client at all. Below are two very […]

2 May 2010
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Latest Spotify works great in Ubuntu

Spotify ” a streaming music service extremely popular over here in Europe ” pushed out a new socially enhanced release from their rafters a few days ago. The big ‘gist’ of the release is the […]

28 April 2010
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Midori 0.2.4: The good & the Bad

At some point, nearly unnoticed, Midori 0.2.4 slipped through to repositories everywhere. I know what you’re thinking, “Who cares about a 6 week old partial release? Lucid Lynx comes out in less than two days!” […]

28 April 2010
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Easily access missing interface tab options in Lucid with InterfaceTab

Many users coming to Lucid in a few days time may be confused to discover that the System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Interface tab is no longer there. Reasons for its removal The tab […]

26 April 2010
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Flyback – Time Machine style backup for Ubuntu

Flyback is an Apple ‘Time Machine’ style backup solution for Ubuntu. The developers state that “..Linux has almost all of the required technology already built in to recreate it.” As such Flyback doesn’t require pallets […]

25 April 2010
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Save power, save money, save battery, save the planet with Granola for Linux

I saw this over on the OpenSourcer and couldn’t resist sharing. Granola makes your computer more energy efficient without slowing it down or limiting performance when needed. Best of all it’s free! Features of Granola: […]

23 April 2010
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Twitter client Turpial gets a PPA

Lightweight (and very popular!) twitter application Turpial has gained a PPA – albeit an unofficial one – thanks to Efrain Valles. Turpial: Like a Linux native Tweetdeck Like other Twitter applications available for Linux Turpial features […]

15 April 2010
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Flush torrent client channels uTorrent through GTK

Flush is a GTK torrent client with a simple interface reminiscent of Windows and Mac torrent client uTorrent. Features As with most modern torrent clients Flush supports the ‘usual’ features that users have come to […]

13 April 2010
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Clementine: The Ghost of Amarok 1.4 in qt4

Clementine music player is a port of Amarok 1.4 with many features rewritten in Qt4. We love trying anything new at OMG! towers so after spotting Clementine mentioned in a comment by reader Heepie in […]

4 April 2010