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Desktop Uploader ‘Gimgur’

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Many OMG! readers use image-hosting service for uploading screenshots to share in our IRC or in the comment sections of posts. Due to popular screenshot tool Shutter lacking Imgur support most users have to manually head to the website to upload their graphically goodies.

Well, uploading to Imgur has now just gotten a hellva easier thanks to Kristopher Ives over @ who has whipped up a simple python GUI application for doing just this; gimgur uploads any PNG, GIF and JPG file to giving you the URL and two buttons for quick copying to the clipboard and opening the image up in the default browser.

All from the desktop. Marvellous stuff.


  Gimgur can also be used via the command line using

  • gimgur file_name.png

Kristopher Ives wrote the script in a few hours but admits that “…packaging has taken longer“. As such there is currently only a package available for x64 bit users at this time but his ultimate aim is to add it to a PPA.


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