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Get Facebook Notifications In Ubuntu with Wallbox

Wallbox puts Facebook updates in your Ubuntu system tray, allowing you to: – Get notified of and read updates from your contacts Update your own status Read and respond to other peoples’ comments and links […]

28 January 2010
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PopTray Minus – An E-Mail Client For The System Tray

PopTray Minus is a notification area application for checking and notifying of new mail in your web account(s). A Linux port of the Windows application of the same name, the application is surprisingly feature-filled with […]

27 January 2010
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Install GNOME Activity Journal in Ubuntu

The GNOME Activity Journal (which we’ve covered a bazillion times before, see here) is getting better and better by the minute! Developer Seif Lotfy posted the following video of it in action and i can […]

19 January 2010
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Live ‘Lernid’ Demo with Jono Bacon Today @ 7PM UTC

Lernid is a desktop application designed for connecting to and participating in online learning events for Ubuntu such as Ubuntu Open Week and Ubuntu Developer Week – all in one application. No more masses of […]

5 January 2010
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Pimlico Suite Brings PIM Simplicity To The Desktop

Pimlico is a self-described suite of “Personal Information Management (PIM) Applications.” Although intended for use on handheld and mobile devices, the suite is built using the GTK toolkit and Evolution Database Server – making it […]

28 December 2009
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12 Days Of Xmas: Best Apps of 2009 – Day Two

With 2009 drawing to a close we’re getting all retrospectical* here at OMG!Ubuntu! (*That’s not a real word, but it sounds good.) Today we present our second favourite application of 2009 – Gloobus Preview. For […]

16 December 2009
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Pino Twitter Application Reviewed

Pino is a new-ish Twitter application for Linux with the moto of being “easy and simple” and “fast.” I couldn’t get the ruddy thing to compile back when i reviewed 6 Linux Twitter applications, but […]

16 December 2009
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Lucid To Get New Scanning Tool ‘Simple Scan’

MadsRH over on his awesome blog has just written about ‘Simple Scan’ – a new new scanning tool that Lucid will be getting, repalacing X-Sane. ‘Simple Scan’ Simple Scan will provide a new UI for […]

6 December 2009
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Get Applications That Didn’t Make The Ubuntu CD Available In One Download with ‘B-Sides’

“B-Sides” installs a selection of software that “didn’t make the Ubuntu disc” but “complements” the Ubuntu desktop well. Just like a B-side on a music CD! Keeping with Ubuntu’s ‘one application per task’ rule it […]

29 November 2009
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Minitube 0.8 Released – Flash-free HD YouTube Video On Your Desktop

MiniTube 0.8 was released today bringing with the ability to play HD videos from YouTube, flash-free and directly on your desktop. Yes, this doesn’t require the need for Flash! At all! Also new in the […]

17 November 2009
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Desktop Map Viewer "Emerillion" For Ubuntu

Emerillon is a map viewer for GNOME that uses OpenStreetMap data (a wiki for maps) to display custom “views” such as transport, cycle routes and terrain as well as the general “street” view. Given that […]

10 November 2009
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Shotwell Image Manager 0.3.0 Reviewed

The official spiel describes Shotwell as an “open source photo organizer” for the GNOME desktop. It is, however, a little bit more than that. Not much, but a little. Photo organization Organization in Shotwell takes […]

9 November 2009