Trauma was top selling game in Ubuntu

Adventure game ‘Trauma‘ topped the list of Ubuntu’s top selling paid apps in December.

Last month’s top selling Software Centre item – the critically acclaimed puzzle game Braid – drops two places to 3.

The top 10 chart is largely dominated by gaming titles. Unigine’s RTS Oil Rush makes 4th place; Steel Storm: Burning Retribution captures 5th place, and world famous puzzler World of Goo sticks itself to 7th.

The recently-released puzzle game Memory Owl snags itself 10th place following our review of it back in early December.

December Top 10 Commercial Apps:

[Key: App name (November position)]

  1. Trauma (3)
  2. Fluendo DVD Player (4)
  3. Braid (1)
  4. Oil Rush (?2)
  5. Steel Storm: Burning Retribution (~)
  6. World of Goo (7)
  7. Monster RPG 2 (6)
  8. The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World (~)
  9. Uplink (~)
  10. Memory Owl HD (*)

Free Apps

ryzom most downloaded free app in Ubuntu

Much like the paid application chart above the top 10 free applications downloaded through the Ubuntu Software Centre are also packed full of games.

MMORPG Ryzom, which Benjamin Kerensa reviewed on OMG! last month, tops the list, whilst space-based MMORPGVendetta Online’ fires into 3rd.

Of the non-gaming titles to make the top 10 are multi-platform to-do app Wunderlist – which is yet to be made available on Ubuntu 11.10 – and a demo version of intuitive clip-art finding tool ‘Clipardo‘.

December Top 10 ‘Free Apps’:

  1. Ryzom
  2. Crossover Games
  3. Vendetta Online
  4. CrossOver Pro (Trial)
  5. Full Circle Magazine
  6. CrossOver Standard (Trial)
  7. Wunderlist
  8. Tribal Trouble 2
  9. Magic 8 Ball
  10. Clipardo Demo

Did you buy or install any of the apps on these lists? Share you opinions below!

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