To mix things up, this episode of Download of the Week will not feature an application or a game, but rather a plugin:rhythmbox-plugin-coherence.

After many years of being a member of the bandwagon to unseat Rhythmbox in favor of Banshee as the default, I end up getting a PS3 and regretting my choice in media player due to the one small gem that is the Coherence plugin for Rhythmbox.

The Coherence plugin allows your Rhythmbox install to act as a UPnP media server on your network. Any UPnP client, such as a PS3 or Logitech Squeezebox device, can then connect to this server and access all of the music from your library.

Many of you may have decent sound systems for your PC already, but for those like myself who don’t, this plugin makes it one-click easy to share music over the network, access it using your favorite entertainment device, and play it directly on your sound system.

To give it a try, simply downloadthe package, open Rhythmbox, and click on Edit -> Plugins to enable it. Please note that as of today, the plugin does NOT appear to work in Oneiric, but I have tested it in Natty and Lucid where it seems to function well. I will be looking into fixing this package before Oneiric launches.

If any of you happen to know of a similar plugin for Banshee that I have overlooked, please post it in the comments.

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