The new default wallpaper of Lubuntu 16.10 — yes, that’s Lubuntu, don’t get too excited! — has been unveiled.

The design, uploaded to the Ubuntu archives by Julien Lavergne, will ship as the default background on all new installations of the LXDE-based distribution from October.

Lubuntu’s default wallpapers are typically reflective of the distribution’s branding in that they use various blue gradients and shun busy, over complicated designs in favour of simplicity.

This cycle is no exception.


The jaggedy geometric layout of the new backdrop stands out as one of the more visually distinct to ship in recent years, with the wallpapers of Lubuntu 15.10 and 16.04 LTS both riffing off the similar angular wireframe motif.

The rich pinks and purples have been toned down a little, and more white elements introduced.

You don’t have to install the latest Lubuntu 16.10 Alpha to get the wallpaper. We’ve uploaded the high-res version to Imgur.

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Wallpapers? Who Cares!

I appreciate that news about the default background of an Ubuntu spin isn’t exactly breaking, and I know that wallpaper choices aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

But, hey, I also know that a lot of readers do take a keen interest in the branding and design of their computer (first impressions count and all that).

So if you like what you see, and want to make it your own wallpaper, click the Imgur preview a few rows above to nab yourself the full 3200 × 2000 version.


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