The Ubuntu 16.04 LTS default wallpaper has been unveiled.

Every new release of Ubuntu ships with a new custom desktop background. The Xenial Xerus, due in April, is no exception.

The new wallpaper trades the dark purple impressions of the preceding two releases for a lighter, brighter overall appearance.

Angular geometric accents are retained, and the design bathes in a gradient growing across the official Ubuntu color spectrum. What starts in deep Canonical purple finishes in bright community orange at the upper-right of the image.


The ‘boxy’ elements present in the Wily wallpaper give way to a faceted web-like arrangement.

The background is the work of Grazina Borosko of the Canonical Design Team.

Download Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper

You can download the new Ubuntu wallpaper in a choice of set of resolutions including, notably, both 4K & 8K UHD.

Hit the button(s) below to grab a copy for own desktop.

Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper (4096×2304)

Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper (8192×4608)

The new wallpaper is also available in portrait orientation for use on mobile devices (this wallpaper will become the default wallpaper on Ubuntu phone and tablet.

Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpaper (1080×1920)

Desktop, 8K and portait grayscale versions of the wallpaper can also be downloaded:


Download Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Default Wallpaper (Grayscale)

Do you like the new default wallpaper? Will you be switching to something else? Let us know your take in the comments below.