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typeahead search in nautilus

Updated: How to Enable Nautilus Typeahead Search in Ubuntu

Nautilus' typeahead search was a feature many were sad to see removed. Thankfully a third-party PPA patches the feature back in for Ubuntu users.

25 October 2021
firefox user chrome css adwaita

Make Firefox Look like the GNOME Web Browser (Because Why Not, Right?)

If you’re using a vanilla GNOME session on Ubuntu with the Adwaita theme, and want to make Firefox look a little more at home, you can. In fact, with a bit of custom CSS you […]

6 December 2017
how to reset ubuntu

Essential Guide: How to Reset Ubuntu to Default Settings

Learn how to reset Ubuntu to default settings on Unity and GNOME Shell desktops. Run this command to get back to factory settings in Ubuntu 18.04 and above.

2 October 2017
night light in gnome 3.24

How to Adjust the Color Temperature of GNOME Night Light

We show you how to adjust color temperature of the GNOME Night Light feature on Ubuntu so that you can set a hue and intensity that suits your tastes.

17 July 2017

Add Bling to the ‘ls’ Bash Command with Colorls

Are you a longtime lover of the ls command? If so here’s a small Ruby gem that “beautifies” this common command with color and font-awesome icons. And the result is as luscious as it is […]

9 July 2017
clean ubuntu system

Ubunsys Gives Ubuntu Users Easy Access to Scary Options

Today I came across Ubunsys, an advanced system utility for Ubuntu 17.04, and I think power users among you may find it useful. Ubunsys, which is under active development and not yet considered stable, exposes various […]

9 June 2017
mesa graphics ubuntu

MESA 17.1 Is Now Available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu users can upgrade to MESA 17.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 17.04 on their systems thanks to a new update in the Ubuntu X Swat PPA.

18 May 2017
After: the ~/Pictures/Wallpaper directory is used

The Way GNOME Handles Wallpapers Really Annoys Me

I love GNOME Shell — and no, not just because I’ve little choice now that is Ubuntu’s default desktop! But the more I use GNOME the more I learn that the desktop environment, like every other, has its own share of […]

25 April 2017

How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 from an Earlier Version

We tell you how you can upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 from an earlier Ubuntu version, both ahead of release day and after it. All it takes is one magical command.

13 April 2017

Gkill is an Interactive CLI Process Killer Written in Go

If you're looking for an interactive CLI process killer for Windows, macOS or Linux take a look at Gkill, an open-source beauty written in Go.

3 April 2017
mesa graphics ubuntu

The Easy Way to Install Mesa 17.0.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Mesa 17.0.2 backports can now be installed from the Ubuntu X Swat Updates PPA on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS & 16.10, giving users with the latest stable mesa release.

27 March 2017
ukuu settings

Ukuu Makes it Easy to Install Mainline Linux Kernels on Ubuntu

Ever wondered how to install new kernel releases on Ubuntu? Using Ukuu (which stands for ‘Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility’) is one way to do it. This straightforward desktop app help you install a new kernel in Ubuntu, […]

14 February 2017