Gkill gif, sped up to reduce sizeNow, I appreciate that few of you will have much use for this app, but it’s too cool to not throw a few words up about it.

It’s called Gkill and it’s an interactive command-line process killer for Windows, macOS and (hurrah) Linux.

The app is written in Go, and lets you quickly filter through and kill running tasks and processes using your keyboard.

Yup, no need to run top to find a PID and then run pkill, just run Gkill, find the process in question using your keyboard arrow keys (or by typing the process name) and then hit the return/enter key to …you know what… it.

This demo gif (15.3MB) shows off Gkills features better than my garbled copy, so if you’re not on a mobile connection, do take a look.

Install Gkill on Ubuntu

Sadly it’s not easy to install Gkill on Windows, macOS or Linux.. You’ll need to have a Go development environment already set up and working.

Assuming you do, to install the app, run:

go get github.com/heppu/gkill

If you like what you see you can go contribute, report bugs or make feature requests on the app’s Github page:

Gkill on Github

Thanks Sinclair

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