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How To Add Extra Category Folders to the Gnome-Shell Dashboard

Want to make the GNOME Shell app launcher a little tidier? This post will walk you though the process of adding category folders to the overlay dashboard.

23 May 2013

Enhanced Previews, Scope Toggles Added to Unity Testing PPA

It might not have been mature enough to ship in Ubuntu 13.04, but work on enhancing the "Smart Scopes Service" continues apace.

1 May 2013

How To Upgrade to GNOME 3.8 in Ubuntu 13.04

The GNOME team make it easy to install/upgrade to GNOME 3.8 on Ubuntu 13.04.

28 April 2013

[How To] Run Unity Next on Ubuntu 12.10

Unity Next, the next-generation Qt/QML version of Ubuntu's Unity interface designed to intelligently adapt to multiple form factors, can now be tried, tested, and hacked-on right from the desktop.

2 April 2013
unity desktop tile

[How To] Reset Unity & Compiz in Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04

Ever wondered how or needed to reset Unity and Compiz back to their default settings? We'll show you.

1 April 2013

Introducing ‘Unity Tweak Tool’

Like other tools of its ilk, Unity Tweak Tool provides users access to features and configuration options not easily accessible to the average user.

8 February 2013
Chromium daily build

[How To] Install Daily builds of Chrome in Ubuntu

Accessing daily builds of Google's Chrome browser in Ubuntu is a bit of a fuss compared to that on Windows and Mac. Users of those platforms can install the Chrome Canary builds - a sort of pseudo-daily build that offers the latest bleeding edge features, but running insulated from any other version of Chrome installed. In Ubuntu things are less clear cut.

28 December 2012
unity desktop tile

Compiz Fix To Bring Better Gaming Performance to Ubuntu

An update to Compiz that improves gaming performance is on its way to Ubuntu. Compiz, currently in preparation, enables a small feature that improves full-screen OpenGL gaming performance in Unity.

28 November 2012

[How-to] Install the 13.04 Unity Launcher Design Updates

Along with the recently covered design changes heading (tentatively) to Ubuntu 13.04, came some changes to the Unity launcher. Now, if you're one of these folks who can't wait to get the latest thing I've created a simple little hack for you.

21 November 2012

[How To] Speed Up Ubuntu 12.10 Minimize Animation

Ubuntu 12.10 introduces a slower window minimising animation so that users have enough time to 'register' where their apps go to. If you're used to using Ubuntu and Unity, or have a serious case of impatience, you may find that it's too slow. But the good news is that you can adjust it - but you will need to get you hands dirty to do so...

22 October 2012

[How to] Use Ubuntu’s Revamped Theme in Ubuntu 12.04

A revamped version of Ubuntu's default GTK theme landed in Ubuntu 12.10 yesterday. If you're not running Ubuntu 12.10 you may be feeling left out. But you don't need to be as the theme and its engine can be used in Ubuntu 12.04 - and here's how.

9 August 2012