If in the past week you took a swing by the official Ubuntu website, you will have noticed a new headline post replacing the previous Maverick ad.

In an effort to improve future releases of Ubuntu server edition, Canonical is, for the third year in a row, asking users how they are using it and in what environment.

The survey is simple & direct, with questions such as: “How many Ubuntu servers do you use? If it’s the case, tell us why you chose another Linux flavor for your server(s)? Which types of server workloads do you consider most important?” All of the questions are multiple choice selections with some including the option to leave a comment.

All information is 100% anonymous and it takes 15 minutes to complete the survey. So if you are a user of any Linux server, why not take a few minutes to fill out the survey?


Ubuntu Server Survey

Doing your part can really make a difference, a little goes a long way! If you’re curious to know what kind of things come out from a survey like this, you can view the results of last years survey at http://blog.canonical.com/?p=365

The Ubuntu server team will make the results public in a similar post at the beginning of February. We will give you the heads up once they are available.

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