Users are being offered the chance to vote on the community-wallpapers incorporated into the October release of Lubuntu 11.10.

The poll is being conducted by Alexander Andjelkovic, whose wrote on the Lubuntu Mailing List: –

The poll is made out of contributions submitted to our Flickr group and the top six most popular wallpapers will be added to the Lubuntu artwork package.

The poll is public and you do not need to register in order to vote. The vote is open for two weeks.

The Lubuntu-Artwork package containing the winning entries will also be installable in Ubuntu 11.10 via the Ubuntu Software Centre, so even if you’re not a Lubuntu user you can still benefit from helping to choose awesome wallpapers.

This entry, by John Baer, is indicative of the quality of wallpapers submitted to the pool: –

Lubuntu Moth

If you want to vote you’ll find the poll @ 

Results can be seen @

Many thanks to phillw 

News Poll Wallpaper
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