We’ve been working hard over the past month or so trying to improve the OMG! Ubuntu! experience for you guys, our faithful readers.

We have quite a number of cool things planned for the coming months, but before we launch head-on into doing anything drastic, we’d like to collect some feedback and see if it matches our plans. If not, we’ll have to go back to the drawing board!

It’s all about making the experience the best we can for you, so if you can spare 20 minutes or so, we’d really appreciate your help in filling out this survey.

Fill out the survey

You can fill it out by heading on over to this link:


Update: One of the slightly disappointing results from our survey so far is that 65% of you guys have an ad blocker installed. Ads are the only way we make money and can afford to run the site, so if you have one, please whitelist OMG! Ubuntu!

This isn’t a massive push and we’re not going to force anything on you, but we’re surprised that the percentage is so high. If you want to support OMG! Ubuntu! and keep the flow of content coming, the easiest thing to do would be disable your ad blocker for this site. Thankyou so much! =)

For more information, check out this Ars Technica article “Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love”

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