A message was posted to the Ubuntu Multitouch Development mailing list asking for feedback which games should be focused on for adding multitouch support in time for Natty. So, here is your chance to get your favourite game a multitouch gift.


  • Games that already have single touch aren’t allowed.
  • The game must make sense to have multitouch support.
  • The game must be popular within Linux community.
  • Open source games are preferred.
  • Proprietary games are allowed but don’t expect them to get multitouch support unless the publisher cooperates.
  • Vote must be given in the VOTE:name format in the comments i.e. if you want to vote for Quadrapassel reply VOTE:Quadrapassel.
  • If you want to support a vote, reply with a +1 to the comment.
  • The five most voted games will be allowed to enter a poll for everyone to vote.

Thumbs up to boulabiar for the tip