Unity is the most used Desktop Environment amongst Ubuntu 11.10 users according to our most recent poll.

Just shy of 16,000 votes were cast (one vote per person) in the poll which asked readers “Which Desktop Environment Are You Using in Ubuntu 11.10?”


Ubuntu 11.10’s default Unity interface grabbed the largest share of votes – a whopping 46.78% (7,476 votes).

This isn’t so surprising given that a) the vote was held on an Ubuntu-orientated website, and b) Unity is the default interface of Ubuntu 11.10.

But such a strong result does show that Unity is not as ‘unpopular’ as many disgruntled voices in the community proclaim it to be.

Second place went to GNOME’s GNOME Shell desktop. Its strong showing is particularly significant given how far ahead of the competition it was – some 28.42% (4,541 votes) voted for it.

In third place was XFCE, the default desktop of Xubuntu 11.10, with XFCE 7.58% (1,211 votes).

Fourth was KDE SC, default desktop of Kubuntu 11.10, with KDE 6.92% (1,106 votes)

GNOME 3’s ‘fallback’ session came fifth with 5.95% (951 votes)

LXDE, the default desktop of Lubuntu 11.10, polled sixth with LXDE 2.7% (431 votes).

Last, but by no means least, was the elementary projects ‘Pantheon’ desktop shell. Despite this being highly-unstable and very much in active development some 264 (1.65%) readers marked this as their default desktop.

Thanks for all your votes folks, this week’s poll will be up a bit later…

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