Ubuntu 12.10 was released last Thursday, bringing with it some new enticing new features to play with.

Many readers spent their weekend upgrading to 12.10, sharing their experiences in doing so with us via our Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts – but were you one of them?

There is, of course, no urgency to update. Although there are some neat new features to play with, Ubuntu 12.10 isn’t a radical departure from 12.04 (which, don’t forget, is supported with bug fixes and security updates for another 4 and a half years!).

But, since we’re nosey, we want to know whether you have upgraded. Just choose an option from our poll below (if you don’t use Ubuntu you don’t need to vote).

Feel free to take to the comment section to let us know whether it was a fresh install or a direct upgrade; whether or not it went smoothly; and what your take on it is.