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Dell XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition Now Available with Ubuntu 22.04

You’ll be able to buy the Dell XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition pre-loaded with Ubuntu from August, Dell has announced. The company’s boldly redesigned XPS 13 Plus is also now certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. […]

21 July 2022

Breath Lets You Run Ubuntu on Modern Intel Chromebooks

This post is not a tutorial or a walkthrough or comprehensive introduction or anything else that would probably be beneficial or helpful to those you reading it. Instead, it’s a bit of a waffle. I’ve […]

16 July 2022
Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint 21 Beta is Now Available to Download

Linux Mint 21 nears release, but first: a beta! Testers, and enthusiastic early-adopters can download Linux Mint 21 beta to sample the new latest changes.

13 July 2022
papirus icon theme

Papirus Icon Set Updated with 60+ New Icons

Papirus icon theme just got an update adding over 60 new icons, as well revised versions of many existing icons. More details on what's changed, inside.

11 July 2022
half of a firefox logo and half of an ubuntu logo against a speed background

‘Significant Improvements’ Made to Ubuntu Firefox Snap

Canonical has often talked about how it has improved the startup time of Snap apps yet, for many of us, the improvements remained theoretical.

10 July 2022
firefox libadwaita theme

Firefox GNOME Theme Now Follows GTK4/libadwaita Styling

Adwaita fans will be thrilled to hear the GNOME Firefox theme pack (which makes Firefox look like GNOME Web) has been updated to follow libadwaita UI.

7 July 2022
starlabs logo

Star Labs Tease StarFighter, a Linux Laptop with 4K Display

Linux laptops with 4K screens aren't exactly common, which makes Star Labs' upcoming StarFighter laptop all the more exciting. We share what we know inside.

4 July 2022

Black Box is a GTK4 Terminal App With a Unique Look

Black Box is a GTK4 terminal emulator for Linux desktops. It boasts innovative UI features, 12 terminal themes, and is easy to install from Flathub.

3 July 2022
Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint 21 Won’t Use Ubuntu’s ‘Killer’ Memory Feature

Linux Mint 21 won't use the memory management feature causing issues for users of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The news came in the distro's latest monthly update.

3 July 2022

Open Source FPS Game ‘Xonotic’ Just Got a Huge Update

A new version of open source arena shooter game Xonotic is out and it's pretty sizeable. Eery area of the game gains improvement, from graphics to AI.

1 July 2022

New Effect Added to ‘Burn My Windows’ GNOME Extension

Like over-the-top desktop interaction animations? The latest update to the Burn My Windows GNOME extension has added a new effect you'll love.

30 June 2022

Ubuntu 22.10 (Finally) Gets an Updated Settings App

Development builds of Ubuntu 22.10 just received an updated version of the GNOME Control Center (aka settings) app, which includes Ubuntu-specific options.

29 June 2022