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Streamline Your Workflow With These Nifty Nautilus Scripts

Nautilus is a powerful file manager, and by using its built-in shell scripting feature you can really level it up further.

18 July 2016

5 Keys You Can Press at the GRUB Menu

We don’t see as much of GRUB, the boot loader that is installed with Ubuntu, as we used to. Once upon a time it was shown on every boot. These days you only tend to see […]

9 July 2016
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The 5 Best GNOME Shell Extensions

These are the best GNOME Shell extensions available to install on Ubuntu — according to you!

8 July 2016

5 Terminal Commands You Think Every Linux User Should Know

We asked you to list the top Terminal commands every Linux user should know — and these are the results.

20 June 2016

9 Useful Nautilus Keyboard Shortcuts [Ubuntu Tips]

Nautilus is the default Ubuntu file manager for good reason: it is feature-filled and easy-to-use — but do you know how to navigate it like a ninja using the keyboard?

5 June 2016

Ubuntu In The Wild: April 2016

You might not have noticed, but it's been a wee while since we last featured an 'Ubuntu in the Wild' spot.

1 May 2016

16 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Here are 16 things to do after installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. We show you how to change theme, install apps, and use (awesome) hidden features.

21 April 2016
upgrading ubuntu wily to xenial

How To Upgrade To Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from 15.10

Ubuntu 16.04 is nearing release, meaning some of you will soon be thinking about when and how you plan to upgrade. You don’t have to start from scratch with a fresh install (though some swear by it). You can […]

9 April 2016

8 Simple Ways to Improve Battery Life on Linux Laptops

Desktop Linux is not the most power efficient OS, so we show you 11 simple ways to get longer battery life on a Linux laptop.

4 April 2016
cats who love linux

14 Cats Who Love Using Linux!

Cats LOVE Linux, fact. But if you need purr-suading check out this post featuring 14 FOSS loving felines who use Fur-dora, Purrbuntu and OpenMews.

26 March 2016

11 Neat New Features In GNOME 3.20

GNOME 3.20 is here, and it's packed with goodies. IN this post we look at the 11 best changes.

23 March 2016

The 5 Best Cinnamon Desktop Themes (As Chosen By You)

Last week we asked you to send in the best Cinnamon desktop themes you could find — and you did just that.

9 February 2016