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macos mojave linux features

3 macOS Mojave Features Already Available on Linux

Apple has revealed details about the next version of its desktop operating system, macOS Mojave. As expected, macOS 10.14 is a major software upgrade. It brings a flurry new features to the fore, like better desktop organisation, […]

6 June 2018

Linux Release Roundup: GNOME Twitch, Shotwell & GIMP

A couple of notable Linux projects have issued some updates over the past week or two. Rather than create a separate post for each of them I figured I’d round ’em up and run through […]

22 May 2018

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Review Roundup

The Ubuntu 18.04 release arrived late April and plenty of news coverage was there to greet it. We run through the key Ubuntu 18.04 reviews from major tech publications.

3 May 2018
things to do after installing ubuntu 18.04 LTS

11 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ‘Bionic Beaver’

Our list of top things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is full of tips, tricks, and tweaks to help you get the best Ubuntu 18.04 LTS experience after installation.

26 April 2018
Stacer system optimiser on ubuntu 17.10

Linux Release Roundup: Amarok Sees First Release in 3 Years

The past 7 days have been pretty dang busy in Linux release land. We’ve taken a look at the best GNOME 3.28 features, recapped the latest Firefox 59 changes, and made ourselves comfortable with the latest changes to […]

17 March 2018
GNOME 3.28 features

GNOME 3.28 Released, These Are The Best New Features

The new GNOME 3.28 release is here, so join as take look at the top GNOME 3.28 features, which include a new on screen keyboard, and Nautilus improvements.

14 March 2018
apps on a shelf

Linux Release Roundup: Corebird, Wireshark, Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS

A roundup of recent Linux releases, including Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS, an update to Linux twitter client Corebird, and some distinctly unfishy fixes for a network monitoring must-have.

3 March 2018
vlc 3.0

The 5 Coolest Things About VLC 3.0

VLC Chromecast support arrives in VLC 3.0, as do many other features! In this post we take a look at 5 changes that make this VLC release worth downloading.

9 February 2018
apps on a shelf

Linux Release Roundup: Wine, Soundnode, Etcher + More

The Linux Release Roundup of 2018 includes updates to Windows app compatibility layer WINE, the Etcher USB writer, the desktop Soundcloud app Soundnode, and more.

8 January 2018
apps on a shelf

Linux Release Roundup: LibreOffice, Dash to Dock, Tilix + More

We're back with another round-up of recent Linux app releases, including updates to LibreOffice, Dash to Dock, Tilix terminal emulator and more.

2 January 2018

8 Crazy Linux Predictions for 2018

After a knock-out 2017, 2018 promises to be a big year for Linux. In this post we share 8 Linux predictions for the coming year, ranging from the possible to the improbable.

31 December 2017
ubuntu in 2017 in pictures

12 Months, 12 Images: This Was Ubuntu in 2017

For Ubuntu fans 2017 has been a mix of dramatic and ecstatic moments. In this post we present 12 images from our archives that illustrate Ubuntu in 2017.

18 December 2017