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3 Utterly Terrifying Linux Distributions

As the wall between worlds comes twain, and the spooks and spectres seep on in, our thoughts turn to the graveyard of Linux distributions.  For every spirited Ubuntu there’s a spiriting celebrity-based spin; for every […]

31 October 2016
cinnamon desktop

4 Useful Cinnamon Desktop Applets

The Cinnamon desktop is pretty great to use thanks to its sleek, simple layout. But by adding Cinnamon applets you can make it even better.

24 October 2016

16 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 16.10

Here are 16 things to do after installing Ubuntu 16.10. We show you how to change theme, install apps, and use (awesome) hidden features.

13 October 2016
open source android apps

7 Open Source Android Apps You Should Be Using (2019)

We list 7 open source Android apps Linux loving users will want on their phones, including a free weather app and podcast client.

9 October 2016
gnome logo over settings app

GNOME 3.22 Released, This Is What’s New

GNOME 3.22 is out, and it features comprehensive Flatpak support, file manager improvements, and a whole host more besides. Click through to read more.

21 September 2016

5 Best New Features in Ubuntu Touch OTA-13

See what's new in Ubuntu OTA-13, the latest update to the Ubuntu touch operating system for phones and tablets.

19 September 2016

5 Things We (Secretly All) Miss About Ubuntu

Here's five things I secretly miss about Ubuntu of yore, from its rough edges to its well remembered desktop backgrounds.

1 September 2016
25 things linux

Must Read: 25 Awesome Things Powered By Linux

From your kitchen to the reaches of outer space, Linux is truly everywhere. Here are 25 different places where you can hear the beating of an open-source heart.

25 August 2016

3 Firefox Add-ons Every Ubuntu User Needs

Firefox is the default browser in Ubuntu — but it doesn’t integrate with the Unity desktop as well as it could. That’s where the following Ubuntu Firefox add-ons come in. These little extras, trivial though they seem, help […]

20 August 2016
clean ubuntu system

5 Simple Ways To Free Up Space on Ubuntu

When you need to free up space on Ubuntu here are 5 simple things you can do – from cleaning the apt cache to removing old kernels.

9 August 2016
vlc skins thumbnail

Give VLC A Dramatic New Look With These Dark Skins (Including Arc)

VLC is often described as being the most versatile media player — and that doesn’t solely apply to its’ ability to play almost any file format you can chuck at it! The default look of VLC […]

5 August 2016

Bored? Check Out These New Ubuntu Phone Videos

Got some time to spare? Here's a selection of recent(ish) Ubuntu phone, tablet and Unity 8 videos that are well worth checking out.

2 August 2016