Time for our weekly round up of recent app updates that weren’t quite big enough to merit their own dedicated post

If you’re averse to Electron apps you’re advised to look away now. If an app you love got an update this week chances are it’s because we didn’t know about it, rather than we hate the app.

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Komorebi v0.9.2

parallax effect wallpaper settings

It’s barely been a week since we introduced you to Komorebi, which brings parallax-y effect wallpapers to the Ubuntu desktop.

In that time the app has had a couple of releases. It’s gained a GUI for switching between wallpapers, and toggling on system info, now works better on dual monitors and with GNOME Shell. There’s also a new beta option to improve memory usage for non-parallax wallpapers, a new ‘cartoon mountain’ wallpaper, and an overall smaller package size.

If you’re yet to try the app out, or if you recoiled from our original post because of the config editing instructions, why not give it go? You can download the latest release from Github.

–Shots v1.1.0

shots screenshot and annotate tool

The Electron-based screenshot annotator –Shots has been updated. Shots v1.1.0 introduces an option to disable the gloabl keyboard shortcut, can now save screenshots to clipboard, and no longer creates a –shots directory.

You can download the latest release of –Shots from Github.

Alduin v1.3.0

aludin rss reader app

Alduin, an Electron-based RSS reader for Linux desktops, now lets you import OPML lists by dragging and dropping an OPML file on to the application window. You can also export your feeds as an OPML list via the settings menu.

Head over to theAlduin Github page to learn more.

Harmony v0.4.5

harmony music player

Sleek Electron-based music player Harmony has a new release, one that finally remember the position and size of the app when last closed. It also bags a dynamic volume icon, shunts settings in to a separate tab, and adds a dropdown menu for sorting tracks.

If you’re a big Last.fm user (like I am) you’ll be pleased to know that Last.fm login support no longer bugs out.

You can download the latest release from Githhub.

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