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Valve Release Portal Beta For Linux

Valve, the company behind Steam and several games on the platform, has released a beta version of their critically acclaimed, physics-based puzzler, Portal, for Linux.

3 May 2013
Tweets displayed on Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch Development Builds Are Now Raring Based

For you bleeding edge Ubuntu Touch users, starting today daily images based on Raring are newly available from the Ubuntu QA isotracker. These are not (yet) the default images, but work is being done to iron out the kinks for it's transition.

21 April 2013

Alienware Joins the Ubuntu OEM Family

Dell Inc. subsidiary Alienware begins offering its first Ubuntu-powered PC targeted at gamers with its x51 series –a standalone tower which you would attach to your own TV and peripherals. Get yours starting at $599.

6 April 2013

Intel Makes It Easier To Install Their Latest Linux Drivers

In March, the Intel Open Source Technology Centre released a graphical installer providing Linux users with a user-friendly way keeping their system up-to-date the latest open source, Intel Linux drivers and components.

6 April 2013

[How To] Get Your Fingerprint Reader Working in Ubuntu

Fingerprint readers, whether for legitimate security reasons or just as a nifty feature that lets you feel vaguely James Bond-ish, have checkered support under Linux. However there is always a solution.

26 March 2013

Unity Tweak Tool is Now Available in Raring

The new contender for everyone's favourite tweak tool has been approved for inclusion in the official Raring repositories. So get out there and download it folks!

19 March 2013

[How To] Turn An Old Computer into a File-Sharing Server

If an old, outdated piece of computing hardware lying around, a great use for it - besides being a dust collector - would be to turn it into a file/media sharing server using Samba.

8 March 2013

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Rolls Out Daily Builds

Starting today all the builds of the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview for phones and tablets will be available for daily consumption.

26 February 2013

Motivation, Community and the Cost of Disagreeing

A vast portion of the people in the open source community are folks who volunteer their time, effort & ideas, freely and without hesitation. Why?

17 February 2013

[How To] Run MATE Desktop In GNOME Shell

This being Linux, we have the good fortune of having our choice of desktop environment - and nobody says that it has to be one at a time.

10 February 2013

Introducing ‘Unity Tweak Tool’

Like other tools of its ilk, Unity Tweak Tool provides users access to features and configuration options not easily accessible to the average user.

8 February 2013

Improved Notifications, Smooth Scrolling Heading to GNOME Shell 3.7

With version 3.6 released –and in the Ubuntu in the repositories– GNOME Shell 3.7 paves the way for 3.8, receiving much attention with the 'Every Detail Matters' initiative.

23 January 2013