Alienware (a Dell Inc. subsidiary) begins offering its first Ubuntu-powered PC targeted at gamers.

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The Alienware x51 series is a standalone PC tower which you would attach to your own TV and peripherals and starts at $599 (ranging up to $1049, with “build yours” options).

Ubuntu on Alienware

Regarding Ubuntu, Alienware describes it’s “simple and stylish” nature, and highlights that it’s “fast and secure” and offers “free applications and storage”, not to mention explaining (to newcomers, presumably) the plethora of Ubuntu default applications.

Alienware also plugs Steam for Linux as the gaming platform on this PC, noting the rapidly expanding Linux game library that Steam provides.

Video Hardware

Arguably the most important element for gaming is the graphics card and the X51 systems offer NVIDIA hardware. Of course, under Ubuntu you would have NVIDIA’s supported drivers out-of-the-box, so you would be able to game right away. Having said that, it probably would be ideal to keep tabs on updates for the drivers regularly.

More info

You can check out the Alienware website for more info on the x51 series, such as the range of hardware specifications and availability.

Alienware X51 with Ubuntu 

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