Steam for Linux users rejoice! Valve has released a Portal Beta for Linux on Steam

Valve, the company behind Steam and several games on the platform, has released a beta version of their critically acclaimed, physics-based puzzler, Portal, for Linux.

Some Inference

What does this mean for fans of Valve games? Well it shows Valve’s continued dedication to Linux as a gaming platform and the ongoing port of the Source game engine to Linux means any non-Valve games that use it will also benefit. Also, this beta release indicates that it’s very likely that the rest of  the Half Life and Portal series may be coming to Linux in the not so distant future.

Download The Portal Beta for Linux


If you don’t have Steam already installed you can do so via the Ubuntu Software Centre

Install Steam via the Ubuntu Software Centre 

Or directly from Valve:

Download and Install Steam 

Or for you command line fans:


sudo dpkg -i steam_latest.deb && sudo apt-get install -fy

If you already have Steam installed, or have just finished installing and setting it up, you can click the following button to download and install the Portal Beta:

Download Portal Beta via Steam Client

Happy portaling! (Spoiler alert: The cake is a lie.)

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