The Intel Linux Graphics Installer provides a friendly way for downloading the latest Intel Linux graphics software stack.

Early in March, Intel –specifically the Intel Open Source Technology Centre– released a graphical installer providing Linux users with a friendly way for downloading the latest Intel-related open source Linux graphics components –for the more technical this includes:

  • the Intel core kernel driver
  • Mesa 3D rendering library, responsible for 3D rendering, OpenGL compatibility, GLES, etc.
  • the 2D renderer for the X Window stack (xf86-video-intel), also known as DDX.
  • libdrm –the “Direct Rendering Manager” library, for communication between user applications and the kernel
  • the Cairo graphics library, for 2D rendering and acceleration
  • vaapi-driver-intel –the APIs for hardware-accelerated video rendering, processing and output
  • initial support for Wayland

Getting the Latest and Greatest Intel Linux Drivers

Intel Linux Graphics Installer automatically detects your hardware and system specifics and adds a software repository to your sources for keeping you up-to-date. The installer also performs a check to see if your system is running the latest drivers and, if not, it runs a system upgrade.


However, the installer doesn’t automatically add the repository authentication key to your system but it can manually added by opening a terminal, and executing:

wget --no-check-certificate -O - | \
sudo apt-key add -

Download & Install for Ubuntu

Supporting both 32 and 64 bit systems, the Intel Linux Graphics Installer is available for download for Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 (as well as Fedora 17, 18) via their website:

Download Intel Linux Graphics Installer 

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