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Founder and editor of this site! I've been blogging about Ubuntu daily since first discovering it in 2008. Although I love Ubuntu I like Linux distros in general, and like to try out new apps, distros, and keep track of developments within the wider tech community.

The GNOME project logo with shapes around it

GNOME Shell 45.2 Update Rolling out to Ubuntu 23.10

The first point release to GNOME Shell 45 only hit Ubuntu 23.10 at the end of last month, and now a second one is already on its way! GNOME Shell 45.2 was released upstream at […]

14 hours ago
Calibre Ebook Manager logo on a cutout against a pile of books (image from Unsplash)

Calibre eBook App Now Supports Audio ePubs & Custom Notes

If Calibre, the popular open-source ebook manager, was a book itself it’d surely be a perennial bestseller, thanks to an exhaustive, multi-faceted feature set. And in the latest Calibre 7 release, the feature set expands […]


Ubuntu Fixes Opening iWork Documents in LibreOffice

Ubuntu ships with LibreOffice because it’s a powerful open-source office suite compatible with documents created in other productivity apps, including Microsoft Office and Apple’s iWork. While LibreOffice can open files made in Apple Pages (a […]


Meta and IBM Assemble Open-Source AI Super Team

Development of open-source AI models just got a major boost with the launch of the AI Alliance, a super-team made up of companies, developers, scientists, academics, and spearheaded by Meta and IBM, owners of Red […]


Zorin OS 17 Beta Includes New ‘Spatial Desktop’ Features

A beta build of the upcoming Zorin OS 17 release is available to download. Zorin OS 17 sees the Ubuntu-based distro rebase on top of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS but, interestingly, it includes GNOME 43 rather […]


This App Records System Audio & Microphone Together in Ubuntu

Looking to record system sounds and your microphone at the same time on Ubuntu, and save it to a single audio file? Reco is a free, open-source audio recording app for Linux, written in Vala […]


Mozilla Now Provide Firefox Beta & Developer Edition Debs

Mozilla now provides Deb builds of Firefox Beta and Firefox Developer Edition for Debian-based Linux distributions (y’know, like Ubuntu) Just like the Firefox Nightly Debs Mozilla announced back in October, Debian packages for Firefox beta […]

2 December 2023

Simple Workspace Switcher Extension for Ubuntu 22.04

So you’re looking for a quick and easy way to change workspaces in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS using nothing but your mouse. You’ll (hopefully) already know you can click on the Activities button in the top […]

1 December 2023

Ayaneo Retro PC: Inspired by Mac, Runs Windows, Supports Ubuntu

Apart from the likes of the Raspberry Pi, casual computer users don’t tend to buy mini desktop PCs – that could change thanks to gaming hardware company Ayaneo’s latest creation. The newly announced Ayaneo Retro […]

30 November 2023

Varia is a Brand New Download Manager for Linux

Varia is a new, open-source download manager for Linux based on Aria2, a powerful command-line download utility. As the user interface is built with GTK 4 and libadwaita, Varia looks perfectly in-keeping with other modern […]

28 November 2023
Notepad++ logo on light background

Notepad++ Marks 20th Anniversary with New Release

The open-source text editor Notepad++ is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new release filled with some neat new features. In Notepad++ 8.6 (the 238th release since 2003, for those keeping count) the Windows-based code […]

27 November 2023
Blue Recorder Linux screen recording app

Blue Recorder, Linux Screencast App, Ported to GTK4

GNOME Shell’s built-in screen recording feature is perfect at capturing short clips but when you need to record longer sessions you should use a dedicated screen recording app. Such tools give you greater control over […]

26 November 2023