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Free Version of Puzzle Game ‘Memory Owl’ Added to Ubuntu Software Center

A free 'lite' version of puzzle game Memory Owl HD has been added to the Ubuntu Software Center. Memory Owl HD takes the familiar game of finding pairs and merges it with the ‘gaming fad’ of now: a physics engine.

24 August 2012

Linux Gaming Update: Carmageddon, Lodestar, From Dust + More

The Linux gaming scene appears to be moving along faster than Sonic the Hedgehog strapped to the roof of a SuperTux Kart. With so many developments, updates, releases, ports and Kickstarter projects being announced it's hard for me to keep up. So, from the last week or so alone, here is a bite-size rundown of the more notable gaming news on Linux that I didn't get around to mentioning...

13 June 2012

Trauma was Most Bought Ubuntu App in December

Adventure game 'Trauma' topped the list of Ubuntu's top selling paid apps in December. Last month's top selling Software Centre item - the critically acclaimed puzzle game Braid - drops two places to 3. Read on for the full top 10 paid apps, and top 10 free apps...

8 January 2012

MemoryOwl HD – A Memory Game That’s Better Than Those You Remember

Being the owner of a pretty poor short-term memory I wasn't too excited to see a game called 'Memory Owl' land in my review queue. But after playing it for a while I have to say: Memory Owl HD is pretty damn memorable for a number of reasons.

9 December 2011