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Wunderlist Electron App for Linux

Missing Wunderlist on Linux? You don't need to thanks to Wunderlistux, an Electron-based desktop app.

20 October 2016
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How To Use Wunderlist from the Command Line

Want to use Wunderlist on Linux, but without the overhead of a GUI? Try Wunderline, a command-line interface for the popular to-do and task management service.

23 September 2016

‘Wunderlist’ To Return As Native Ubuntu App Soon

Popular to-do app Wunderlist will be coming back to Ubuntu soon - but natively. With focus now shifting onto developers Wunderlist 2, they decision has been taken to move away from apps made using the Titanium to 'rewritten native applications on all platforms' - which will include Ubuntu.

7 September 2012

‘Wunderlist’ Fogger App Now PPA-Free

Earlier this week we filled you in on Michael Tunnell's work at bringing Wunderlist back to the Ubuntu desktop - and making it even better in the process. In that post we mentioned that you would need to add the 'Fogger Apps' PPA to Ubuntu in order to install it. Skip forward a few days: now you don't!

27 July 2012

Fogger Brings To-Do App Wunderlist back to Ubuntu

Wunderlist is back on Ubuntu thanks to Fogger.

23 July 2012

Trauma was Most Bought Ubuntu App in December

Adventure game 'Trauma' topped the list of Ubuntu's top selling paid apps in December. Last month's top selling Software Centre item - the critically acclaimed puzzle game Braid - drops two places to 3. Read on for the full top 10 paid apps, and top 10 free apps...

8 January 2012

To-do App Wunderlist Hits Ubuntu Software Centre

Popular to-do app Wunderlist is now available to install via the Ubuntu Software Centre. The application, often listed amongst the best free applications available on Windows and OS X, launched on Linux last month. The installation procedure left more than a little to be desired, so the availability of the app in the Software Centre will be welcomed by a great many.

12 October 2011

[How To] Create An App Launcher for Wunderlist in Ubuntu

Last week saw the first Linux release of 'To Do' application Wunderlist. Whilst the release was more than welcomed by Linux users, the inability to install it - and then access it - as simply as a typical Ubuntu package put many potential users off. The following how-to aims to rectify that by making Wunderlist easily searchable and launchable via the Unity Dash.

27 September 2011

Acclaimed ‘To Do’ App Wunderlist Comes To Linux

Cross-platform 'Getting Things Done' app 'Wunderlist' is now available for the Linux desktop. The application provides a minimal yet attractive 'frame' for organising your 'to dos' and organising them accordingly.

20 September 2011