The GAJ & Zeitgeist teams have announced the 0.5.0 development release of  GNOME Activity Journal – the user-friendly frontend for finding out ‘when’ you did a certain activity/file edit etc  rather than ‘where’.

New features

Bug fixes and new features abound, including:

  • Improved start-up time
  • Better support for Tomboy and websites
  • An experimental toolbar providing:
    • Access to “MultiView”, “TimelineView”, and “ThumbView”
    • Improved search tool
    • Preferences (including blacklist extension)
  • Makeover of the visual appearance

The new toolbar is, Seif assures, there simply until ‘a more intuitive way’ can be found for switching views.

As the release is still a ‘development’ release it’s not intended for mass-consumption. Nevertheless you can find installation instructions for building and running from source over on Seif Lotfy’s blog.

Seif Lotfy has posted a ‘in progress’ screenshot of a new ‘People’ place for Ubuntu Unity.
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