Our very own Seif Lotfy, known for his hard work on Zeitgeist and the Activity Journal, has just posted a video over on his blog that shows off some experimentation with quick access to the Activity Journal.

Seif is proposing that the Activity Journal could pop out at lightning speed when the mouse hits a side of the desktop, in this case, the left side. He also wants people to notice how quickly the journal appears.

“We have put a lot of effort into this from the AJ and Zeitgeist side to provide an non-choppy experience. Please tell us what you think.”

For those that don’t know, Zeitgeist is a framework that intelligently keeps track of your computer usage at certain times – it remembers what files you opened on a certain day. With plugins for GPS and the like, it’s powerful enough to tell you what files you were working on just before you left work on Tuesday, etc.

The Activity Journal is a logical front end that presents this information for you to see.

Here’s the video:

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