It’s UDS time again and although I am not physically there (German VISA issue), I am happy to hear about the Unity work being done and I think I speak on behalf of the Zeitgeist team that we are thrilled to help out where we can.

When I figured out I won’t be able to attend I contacted those with whom I think could help us (the Zeitgeist team) to integrate with Ubuntu.

This post will be about Unity stuff I am interested (and maybe start working on), I am not a designer but I can give it a bit of a kick off by implementing zeitgeist-powered backends.

I gave it a bit of a thought how would Unity look like that integrates with Telepathy:

Although the information needed is already available in Telepathy we also have them in Zeitgeist, yet I recommend using Telepathy for this Mock-up.

Also a view for Web history is essential for my needs:

For this we already have Firefox and Chrome plugins that dump the needed information into Zeitgeist.

I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory. Let me see where I can get with those, and hope to get some feedback from the community.

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