Stat fans looking to get a informational fix on the applications they use may be interested to hear news on semantic tracking tool Zeitgeist’s latest possible excursion into the desktop –  via the Ubuntu Software Centre.

This week the development team behind Zeitgeist demonstrated an initial idea of Zeitgeist integration with the Ubuntu Software Centre to Ubuntu project member Michael Vogt.

Seif Lotfy, Zeitgeist developer, hinted that whilst the idea demoed was rather benign in significance the door is most firmly open for further feature development during the Ubuntu 11.04 cycle, with the suggested inclusions such as: –

  • How many people (including listing social contacts) have the application installed.
  • Recommendations based on ‘People who use this app also use application “XYZ”’

The teams presentational idea was simple’;  you can see how many times you have used a specific application when viewing its detailed view in the Software Centre.

This may prove useful in determining the relative worth of keeping an application installed, comparing the popularity of similar applications to help decide what may be applicable for you and, at the very least, will put a grin on the faces of stat hounds everywhere.

{Via Seif}

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