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twitter lite desktop app

How to use Twitter Lite as a Desktop Twitter Client

Twitter Lite, the social networking service’s new web-based mobile app, works fantastically on the desktop. If you use Google Chrome on Linux, and you happen to be a big Twitter user, here’s a neat little tip. […]

16 April 2017

GNOME Web Wants to ‘Compete With Electron’

GNOME Web, also known as 'Epiphany', now allows system web apps to run on other Linux desktops, positioning the app as a rival to Electron.

21 June 2016

Facebook Just Made It MUCH Harder to Chat on Ubuntu Phone

If you use an Ubuntu Phone: it just got a bit harder to keep in touch with your Facebook buddies.

15 June 2016

Do You Remember Unity Web Integration?

Am I the only person who misses Unity web apps? The feature debuted in the Ubuntu 12.10 release and was, in my opinion, far ahead of its time. In a single broad stroke Ubuntu 12.10 took the web from being something confined to a browser window […]

13 May 2016

Need Microsoft Office on Ubuntu? Install the Official Web Apps

It's not everyone's cup of joe, but Microsoft Office and its family of finicky file formats are a mainstay of many working and educational environments — for better or worse.

11 July 2014

WhatsApp Coming to Firefox OS – Could Ubuntu Touch Be Next?

The popular Messaging client WhatsApp will be available on Mozilla's Firefox OS before the end of the year, according to one Spanish carrier.

8 November 2013

Feedly Gets Unity Web App Integration (Updated)

'Feedly Unity Webapp' inserts your Feedly feed counts into the Ubuntu Messaging Menu, and displays an unread total badge on its Unity Launcher item.

13 May 2013

Amazon, Ubuntu One Music Web Apps to Come Pre-Installed in Ubuntu 12.10

Two web-apps are on-course to come pre-installed with Ubuntu 12.10: and Ubuntu One Music Store. Their addition is enabled by the introduction of integrated web app support in Ubuntu - an innovative feature that allows websites to "interact" with the Ubuntu desktop.

20 September 2012

List of Websites That Support Unity Web Apps

f you've installed the preview release of Unity Web Apps in Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10 you may be wondering what sites are already supported. To help you explore the exciting opportunities that the Unity Web API brings, here is an exhaustive list of websites that are currently supported out of the box in Unity WebApps.

19 July 2012
unity web app integration prompt

[How To] Install Ubuntu’s New Web Apps Feature in 12.04 & 12.10

So you've read about Ubuntu's innovative new web apps feature that integrates websites with the Ubuntu desktop but what you really want to know is how you can try it, right? Well here's how.

19 July 2012
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‘Fogger’ Aims to Bring Integrated Web Apps to Ubuntu

Popular Mac web app maker 'Fluid' is getting a Linux sibling - albeit unofficially - thanks to an app submitted as part of the Ubuntu App Showdown contest.

2 July 2012
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HTML5 ‘Ribbon’ Interface for Web Apps In The Works

The 'Ribbon' interface Microsoft introduced with Office 2007 provided an innovative approach to the use and layout of toolbars in applications. Following the release, OpenOffice toyed with the idea of creating a similar 'tabbed toolbar' concept for use with its own office suite. Whilst the mock-ups and discussions never bore much in the way of fruit for OpenOffice the idea of a 'ribbon' for use in open-sources apps hasn't been abandoned.

13 September 2011