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This Neat Wallpaper Changes With the Day

Wallpapers don't have to be static and boring. We've written about Android-style live wallpapers, weather wallpaper and real-time earth wallpapers before but here's something a little less flashy: a gorgeous wallpaper that changes with the time of day

15 April 2011
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Android Honeycomb wallpaper pack

Some wallpapers from Android Honeycomb. Many of which look lovely on Ubuntu.

24 February 2011
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These two sumptuous 3D Ubuntu wallpapers are without rival

It's the start of a new week so why not give your drab desktop a dust-down? One of these utterly divine wallpapers created and sent to us by 'insospettato' should certainly do the trick.

24 October 2010
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Lap up the lavish scent of Spring with these gorgeous wallpapers

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and curious lambs bounce around lavish green fields as winter draws to a close and the Sun's early luminescent rays begin to fill up the sky in preparation for summer. Enjoy these fine wallpapers that I found on deviantart over a hot mug of coffee and cereal this morning.

23 September 2010
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Ubuntu Mascots Vs OS X cats: The Wallpapers

It was so ace it's now a wallpaper. Yep - the tug o' war between Ubuntu (with Geeko from SUSE to boost the ranks) and the OS X cats...

21 September 2010