When the RTM (release to manufacturing) build of Windows 8 leaked a few days back, there was only one thing some users wanted from it: its wallpapers.

Knowing this, DeviantArt user misaki2009 extracted the wallpapers and packaged them up for download.

Windows 8 wallpapers

Unfortunately for the artists whose work has been licensed by Microsoft for inclusion in Windows 8, the new UI places more emphasis on the less-configurable ‘Metro Start Screen‘ than it does on the traditional desktop. As a result many Windows users may not discover their work.

But that doesn’t mean that others can’t or shouldn’t – especially as this pack of 19 wallpapers is the best that Microsoft has ever put together.

So put aside any misgivings about the company that has bought the rights to distribute these dapper drapes, and admire the artistry and talent that went into creating them instead.

Download Windows 8 Wallpapers

Download Wallpaper wallpapers windows8