Big changes are happening to Chrome OS – Google’s Linux-based ‘web only’ operating system.

The most surprising of these is the introduction of a ‘desktop’ and window manager called Aura: –

Now of course, you can’t have a desktop without some desktop wallpapers. To that end 50 wallpapers have been made available in the Chromium OS builds. All of the images are photographic, hi-resolution, and predominantly nature-based.

From cuddly foxes, kissing beavers, and families of deer, to washing hippos, spying alligator and creepy close-ups of insects; autumnal forests, baren tundras, glacial vistas, and the embered glow of sunsets – there is a lot of high-resolution choice to choose from.

Now chances are you’re not running Chromium OS (and don’t intend to) but you want the wallpapers anyway.

Good news – hit the download button below to grab them all.

Edit: It’s currently unclear as to what license the wallpapers are under, however it’s likely that, as with Android’s wallpapers, they are subject to some form of open license.

Download Chrome OS Wallpapers

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