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This App Sets the Bing Image of the Day as the Wallpaper on Linux

Bing — no booing, folks — isn’t the web’s best search engine, but there’s no denying that it has a striking visual presence. And this is largely down to its use of stunning high-resolution imagery as its background — […]

4 August 2016

Our Favourite 13.04 Wallpaper Contest Entries So Far

With just over two weeks left for photographers, illustrators and other arty-folks to enter the Ubuntu 13.04 Wallpaper Contest we thought now would be a good time to take a gander at the stunning work already submitted.

16 February 2013
Blue dandelion wallpaper in Ubuntu 12.10

Winning Wallpaper Removed from Ubuntu 12.10

A wallpaper from Ubuntu 12.10's community gathered set has been removed. And it happened to be my favourite...

5 September 2012
Ubuntu 12.10 Wallpapers

12 New Wallpapers Chosen for Ubuntu 12.10

12 new wallpapers have landed in ubuntu 12.10 - just days after the Ubuntu wallpaper contest itself closed.

30 August 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Wallpaper Contest Introduces New Rules

The Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest for 12.10 is now open for submissions - but if you thinking of taking part there are some small changes to be aware of.

21 August 2012
Windows 8 wallpapers

Download the Official Windows 8 Wallpapers

When the RTM (release to manufacturing) build of Windows 8 leaked a few days back, there was only one thing some users wanted from it: its wallpapers. Knowing this, DeviantArt user misaki2009 extracted the wallpapers and packaged them up for download.

8 August 2012

Use One of These Simple Desktop Wallpapers for a Distraction Free Unity

Finding a new desktop wallpaper is not hard, is it? All it takes is a quick Google. But sometimes we're our own worst enemy. The wallpapers we choose, for all of their allure, can be distracting - from blinding bokeh backdrops, nature scenes that we can't resist daydreaming over, to the bright lights of an urban city-scape continually drawing the eye. To use a clichéd motto: it sometimes pays to keep things simple.

21 June 2012

15 New Photo Wallpapers Chosen for Ubuntu 12.04

From a poll of thousands, 13 photographic wallpapers have been chosen for inclusion in Ubuntu 12.04. As with previous releases, the submissions were picked through an open contest run on social networking site Flickr.

22 March 2012

Download Chrome OS’s 50 New Wallpapers

Big changes are happening to Chrome OS – Google’s Linux-based ‘web only’ operating system. The most surprising of these is the introduction of a ‘desktop’ and window manager called Aura: – Now of course, you […]

14 March 2012

10 Wallpapers from the Ubuntu 12.04 Contest Pool

We're edging every closer to the decision date for the Ubuntu wallpaper contest - the date at which a dozen or so user-contributed wallpapers will be packaged up and shipped by default in Ubuntu 12.04 for 20 million users to gawp at. I trawled through the hundreds of submissions already entered into the competition to pull out 10 drapes I think are pretty special. Whether or not they make it into Ubuntu itself will be said later this month, but they nevertheless remain beautiful wallpapers worthy of covering your desktop in.

3 March 2012

Ubuntu-Coloured GNOME and KDE Stripe Wallpaper

No-one likes staring at a rubbish desktop wallpaper. Unfortunately for Ubuntu its recent crop of default wallpapers haven’t been the strongest in its seven-year history. So I decided to blend the ‘purple-ness’ of Ubuntu’s recent […]

15 December 2011
Placeholder koala image

Untouched Photography Can Still Make A Good Wallpaper

Software Developer Robert Sarkozi has a passion for photography, and uploads the best snaps he takes to his Flickr account. Rather than have them sit there unused and unseen he wants to 'share them with people'

17 September 2011