Finding a new desktop wallpaper is not hard, is it? All it takes is a quick Google. 

But sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. The wallpapers we choose, for all of their allure, can be distracting – from blinding bokeh backdrops, nature scenes that we can’t resist day dreaming over, to the bright lights of an urban city scape that is continually drawing the eye.

To use a clichéd motto: it sometimes pays to keep things simple.

Simple Desktop = Your One Stop Shop

That’s where the curated collection of wallpapers from Simple Desktops come in.

If clean, distraction-free wallpapers are what you’re after you need never go anywhere else.

The site itself is as simple to navigate as the wallpapers it presents; you just need to hit the navigation buttons to start looking.

I cannot stress enough how much it’s worth spending some time to dig through the (seemingly) thousands of wallpapers on offer. Within a few pages you’ll uncover some real gems.

And the best bit is that these wallpapers look awesome in Unity. 

clean blue wallpaper

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