The official Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpapers have appeared online — and i’m not going to lie: they look fantastic on Ubuntu (and other Linux desktops).

“I change my desktop and smartphone wallpaper regularly – too regularly, perhaps”

If you’ve read this site for a while you’ll know that I change my desktop and smartphone wallpaper regularly — too regularly, perhaps. It’s partly why this site has always had a ‘wallpaper category’; I can write about my favourite wallpapers on here, then go back and find my favourites at a later date!

Naturally, this site has covered a slate of wallpaper options in the past, from a random wallpaper GNOME extension, to wallpaper slideshow apps like Variety, to scripts that can set the Bing image of the day as your wallpaper.

Me, I prefer to old-fashioned approach of finding a wallpaper and setting it by hand (and sites like Unsplash leave me spoilt for choice).

I’m currently in the mood for some abstract geometric desktop backgrounds, and the newly revealed wallpapers for the Samsung S9 & S9+ fit the bill perfectly — some of them even come in the Ubuntu colors of orange and purple:

You’ll find full-size versions of all 19 Samsung S9 wallpapers at the Imgur link below. There you can preview each background and just download the ones you want. All backgrounds are sized in 2K.

Keep in mind that the wallpapers are designed for mobile and are not in desktop friendly resolutions. You may need to crop, resize or set the image to scale or zoom in your wallpaper manager.

Samsung S9 Wallpapers (Imgur)

via Android Police

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