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Valve Announce 13 Steam Machine Partners at CES

Valve have announced 12 new hardware partners shipping Linux-powered Steam Machines.

6 January 2014

SteamOS Available To Download on December 13

The Linux-based gaming platform SteamOS will be available to download on December 13.

11 December 2013

Valve Joins Linux Foundation, Looks To Improve Hardware Support from OEMs

In a move that will surprise precisely no-one, Valve, the company behind Steam, the popular gaming distribution platform, has joined the Linux Foundation.

4 December 2013

Press Get Hands On With Valve ‘Steam Machine’ Prototype

A recent article from US newspaper The Seattle Times offers new details on Valve's plans for bringing Linux gaming to the living room.

4 November 2013

Valve Announcement: The Steam Controller

In the last of three announcements this week, Valve have revealed the Steam Controller for their Steam OS-powered devices.

27 September 2013

Valve Announce Army of ‘Steambox’ Gaming PCs Coming 2014

Valve has announced 'Steam Machines' - gaming PCs designed for the living room and running Steam OS - will hitting the market in 2014.

25 September 2013

Valve Announce Linux-Based Steam OS

Valve has lifted the lid on Steam OS - a Linux-powered operating system designed 'for the TV and the living room' based around Steam.

23 September 2013

First Valve Announcement Due Later Today

Valve are gearing up for the first of three announcements today - but what might they reveal?

23 September 2013

Valve To Reveal Linux-Powered ‘Steambox’ News Next Week

Valve - the company behind Steam - are to reveal more details on their up-coming Linux-powered 'Steambox' gaming console next week.

16 September 2013
steam linux tux

DotA 2 Coming ‘Soon’ to Linux

DotA 2, the standalone sequel to the popular Warcraft battle mod 'Defense of the Ancients', is on its way to Linux.

10 July 2013
steam linux tux

Steam Open Linux Beta to 5000 More Gamers

Valve are putting smiles on the faces of Linux-loving gamers, as they announce a widening of access to their Linux Beta client. Some 5000 users who signed up for beta access will be granted access, Valve's Frank Crockett announced to members of the Steam for Linux community on Steam.

21 November 2012

[How To] Login to Steam Big Picture Mode in Ubuntu

Ubuntu gamers wanting to get right to action with Steam can now do so straight from the login screen. Steam-login runs nothing Steam's Big Picture Mode. No fuss, no frills, just Steam.

14 November 2012