Valve will be putting smiles on the faces of Linux-loving gamers this weekend, as they announce a widening of access to their Linux Beta client.

Some 5000 users who signed up for beta access will be granted access, Valve’s Frank Crockett announced to members of the Steam for Linux community on Steam:

“We’re making good progress finding and fixing issues that our users have reported so we’re expanding the beta by 5000 before the long holiday (US) weekend kicks in.”

New beta testers will find an e-mail in their inbox with further instructions on how to download and install the client, redeem their code, and enable any restricted drivers required to make Steam work.

Unsure of what to expect? We went hands-on with the client a few weeks back:

OMG! Steam!

Got in? Great! Be sure to join the OMG! Ubuntu! group @

Not only does it make you cool (in an ironic way) it’s a great way to meet up with like-minded Linux fans and game together.

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